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Reza Ghazinouri is the founder and President of M&R Moda in Pelle Firenze, Inc. and serves as owner of 50% share holder of Moda in Pelle in Florence Italy. He received his Master in Political Science from Florence University in 1992 where he was graduated as the Doctor in Political Science in International affairs. Reza’s professional career has been quite diverse and has included funding with his brother in law Mr. Masoud Cinijani MODA IN PELLE M&R, Snc. in Florence in 1996. Florence is one of the most famous touristy cities in the world and Reza speaking in four languages (Persian, Italian, French and English) and being able to offer his product in Germans, Russian and Japanese customers, based a successful leather fashion business, working with two well-known expert local tailors, granted a fashionable line of leather production since 1996. He has had a passion for and been involved with top leather quality and had the privilege of enjoying a wide variety of leather clothing’s and fashions. His most recent Fashion accomplishments include creating outfit for Rodeo Queen and receiving Special Awards form San Diego and Los Angeles County Fairs in 2007.

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    USA PHONE (626) 539-7115.

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